Sunday, October 7, 2012

Peanut at 18 weeks.

The pictures say it all.Kerry is now 18 weeks along.

And I may be biased but I think she looks beautiful.She is glowing with happiness and so is Emmanuel.

So far it's been all good-no morning sickness she is just getting some pimples which she hates...

And why is it that people once they know or they can see you are pregnant  everyone even strangers want to touch your belly ?

In 2 weeks we will know the baby's sex.I know what I would love but I guess it doesn't really matter I will love this baby no matter what.

So fingers crossed for 2 weeks time scan ...Please God can the baby be a ????

I'm not saying what I am wishing for ha ha ha

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  1. Kerry & Emmanuel both look so happy. I can't believe that we'll know the sex in 2 weeks time, as long as it's a healthy baby who really cares what it is.


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