Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dinner in a box

I am just starting to cook each night again feels weird like it has been almost 3years since I used to do it all.

No No No it's the woman's job to cook wash clean and iron.

But then I got sick and all that went out the window real quick..

Come on down Kevin your apron awaits you ha ha ha .....Kev still does most of the cooking but like I said I am getting there and I am just starting out slowly..

Anyway when I do cook I try to do bake dinners or something that goes in the oven that way I'm not hanging around stirring and such ...and I need to make good FAST food...

Well last week I found this and thought I would give it a try.

It's a Thai green curry by Marion's Kitchen.and let me tell you Kev loves a hot green curry and is pretty fussy with pre mixed foods but he said this was delicious and I can make it again...

The last photo is what the LM and I ate chicken and sweet potato and baby spinach.
Kevin's curry was way too hot for us but like I said he loved it ...

The best thing about this curry is everything was in the box except the chicken  and some mixed vegetables,There was a sachet of curry paste-fish sauce-bamboo shoots-coconut milk and even dried herbs and chilli's .

It took around 20mins to cook.Oh and I had jasmine rice with this as well So in the time it took to cook the rice the curry was ready...

So it is on my shopping list to buy again...I hope you will try it I don't think you will be disappointed...


  1. Thanks. Love it when someone tries something first. Ive seen this in the supermarket and wanted to give it a go but i also am wary of packaged meals. Also good to know its hot (just the way i like it). Keep using kev as a guinea pig.

  2. Hi Dee,
    your chicken curry looks yummy. My kids don't like it a lot so I make it once in a while.
    Initially I came here to look at your blog (browse up and down) and thank you for the lovely comment on the ripple blanket. I used this pattern to make it:

  3. Something new to try, as we get sick of the same old things.
    I've tried the san cho boy (the same company) & it was also very nice. Definately a have again meal.


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