Thursday, October 11, 2012

Vintage Photo Thursday 1

I am going through some old photos at the moment -(can't sleep and it's now 1.20am) anyway I found heaps of photos that I had forgotten or just don't remember (same thing isn't it ) Well I decided that from now on every Thursday I am going to show a old photo of either someone or something that means alot to me.

I promise it won't be toooo boring.....he he he

Today's photo is unreal....It was only taken around 3 years ago but I long since forgot about it (yet it used to be my screen saver for ages...and check out my garden...

It was taken by Kevin's mum of LM and Kev playing in the pool......LOVE IT......

I had to do a close up but it is a little blurry but I still like the  expression on LM's face...
Thanks for looking


  1. That is still one of my favourite photos of Aidan & it is still in our lounge room on display

  2. Its also one of my favourites. I love how high he is and that he's noy scared. Remember when we used to dunk him under water between kevin & me. I love watching that dvd.


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