Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Happy Halloween  from us to you....

The pictures say it all....

 I edited these pictures on Pic Monkey.I have said it before but I love it...The fastest easiest program to use with great results....
 I made these last night for the LM to take to day care ....Yuk.....35 little eyeballs looking at me and 15 spiders.Why couldn't they be butterflys and ladybugs  ha ha ha ....

 LM looks too cute to be scary......These pictures were taken at 6.30am before they left for school.

Lm enjoyed dressing up this morning and I thought he was cute.We don't let him go around trick or treating but we do have a skeleton on the front door and lollies for the kids that do.

People say we are following an American trend but Actually Halloween is believed to have it's origins from an Ancient Celtic Festival of Samhara.It was when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts.

Well thankfully we don't have ghosts in our house just our little "Demon child" who is having fun today dressing up and giving other like dressed kids some lollies.

To me it's just about some innocent fun.

Happy Halloween..........BOO!!!


  1. The cakes turned out wonderful. Aidan looks VERY SCARY.

  2. I dont care if its american or not. Like u said its innocent fun. LM had fun (as did u with all the prep) and that is all that matters. Everything looks great.


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