Friday, October 19, 2012

Big boy room


We are in the middle of re doing the LM's bedroom.

It is going to be a big paintjob because the ceilings had all this crap texture paint on it .Kev has removed all of that and patched the joins now he has to seal it all then paint.Well we started this in August and havn't got much further with the ceiling .....ANYWAY I cant wait till the ceiling is done I want his room all changed and looking just right NOW.....ha ha

It used to be done in 'Zanizbar" which was elephants zebras etc in greens and cream.The room looked beautiful but it had been this way since he was 18 months old and was a little baby boys room.

So this time we have gone for a "Hiccups"  design (sorry can't remember the name ) quilt cover from Domayne .It has little super heroes on it The colours are blue red green yellow.I have kept the same curtains just turned the valance around so you cant see the animals and it now brings out the green colour more I like them better this way I should have done it earlier for a quick change.

LM is fascinated by  world globes  at the moment so we got him a globe lamp.Looks great when you turn it on and it was only $20 from Burnings Hardware.

I love bunting so I bought the matching bunting online and  we ( well it was Kev ) hung that across his window and also on the wall.

This is how it looks now.I have tried not to get the ceilings in ....but you can see the cornices yuk...
   My wonderful mum painted the giraffe and zebras and they will be staying...I have said it before but I love "Letters" And  this room has plenty of "A's" in it.Love it.....

I can't believe how many toys he has and we have stuff still from last years birthday and last  years Christmas that we haven't opened yet...

I am going to do a massive clean up and take some down to our Doctors surgery and give the rest to a charity shop but have to wait till the LM isn't here because he LOVES all his toys and dosen't like to give them up...

Another item mum painted was this growth chart...Beautiful isn't it....I have all his heights written down just have to get around to putting them on it,But this is staying as well... 
 One of the things I like about the LM's bed is that we can put toys underneath it.very handy.
 You can see the before photo here....Well it is semi before.The animal print side to the quilt is underneath.I was sick of looking at it so I just reversed it. The Alphabet picture is from Kate Mason I follow her blog and have quite a few of her prints around the house.The LM loves it and it is a fun way for him to learn the alphabet..
What I like most about the room is it is big and colourful.

The LM loves it as well which is a bonus..

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  1. The room looks great, and yes he does have alot of toys. Just remember the older he gets the bigger the toys.


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