Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Love Cushions.

                                                 I LOVE CUSHIONS.......

There I have said it ...Lately I have decided to update most of my cushions.
I have a really special one coming shortly and I cant wait to show you that one.

But for today I am showing my latest beautiful cushion......

                                I love this verse and I think it suits me to a tee at the moment.
I bought this cushion from a beautiful lady called Kris whom I have know for many years.We used to attend alot of craft shows together.

She currently goes to Cobbity Markets which is where I got this from...

The markets are on 1st Saturday of each month.Full of wonderful crafts -plants and local produce..
Well worth the drive.


Cobbitty Markets are held in the grounds of Cobbitty Public School, on Cobbitty Road, within Cobbitty village.
Cobbitty is easily accessible from the south via Hume Highway, exiting at Narellan Road; from the north via the M7 (from the Hill's District, Hornsby, Central Coast and Newcastle), exiting onto Camden Valley Way; from the west via M4 & M7, or the Northern Road; and from Sydney centre and east via the M5.
Mailing Address: PO Box 50, Cobbitty, NSW, 2570

Upcoming Market Dates

  • Sat 3 November 2012
  • Sat 1 December 2012
We are going next month cant wait I have a few things I need to get for Christmas gifts and I want a couple of plants and yes Kev really loved the chili chutney we got so I better get a few more.and I cant forget my passion fruit butter mmmmm the best ever.

Hope you will come along.....Great finds.....Great food...Great day....

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