Wednesday, October 17, 2012

                          Guess what I am getting a little beautiful Grandson in March 2013.

Dear God
Thank you for this truly wonderful miracle to happen to my wonderful daughter and her partner and I promise you God that I will love him for all my life and more......Even when he spews on me....or if he does a poo nappy (Kevin can you please fix Peanut for me ??)and when he falls over I will pick him up and smother him with wet Nana kisses until he says 'Nana stop" and if I get to mind him overnight I will guard over him as he sleeps and yes I will make sure I always have a lollie in my pocket for him....I will stand on the sidelines and cheer him on no matter what he does.....I will drive his parents mad with my constant nagging as to when I can baby sit him...My friends and family will hide when I open my wallet to show off my wonderful Grandson's photos.....My Wonderful Grandson will hide when he sees his photo mad Nana brings out her camera.

And when I cradle his little head in my arms after he is born  I will gaze into his face and whisper"
"Thank you Dear God for allowing me these precious times with this the love of my life."

Love you Kerry for giving me this joy.....

PS don't worry all this mush is for tonight only.Tomorrow I will be back to normal NOT......

Nana xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Congratulations to Nana & Pop & of course Kerry & Manny.
    A beautiful little boy to cuddle & kiss, you will go overboard Deidre as we all know that you will, but who cares, they grow up to fast so enjoy every minute. xxx


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