Monday, October 8, 2012

Christmas List 2

Well I am really tackling my list of Christmas crafts to make.

This time I decided to make Reindeer Noses...I wish I could take credit for these but I found the idea on Pinterest and fell in love with it....

We usually give the kids in LM's daycare group a little something from him for Christmas.Usually it has been a small Christmas shape (ball or star ) with their name on it but I wanted to do something else so this is it.....

I am really pleased how they turned out.   I used 5 Malteasers and 1 Jaffa.You could do any amount but I thought for a small gift that  this would be enough.

It took me a lot of trail and error in trying to do the bag toppers. I just couldn't do it.My computer crashed last year so we had to get another and my software I used for these type of things would not go on the lap top and I didn't feel like buying another.I have photo shop but don't really know how to use it but I tried and tried and got want I wanted then Kev made it the size I wanted.If you want to print out this topper the background is clear so if you use white card stock they will be white or I have used Kraft board ,
This was the look I was after and of course I just glued a mini red sparkle pom pom on it.I know I know it is pretty self explanitary....Hope you have a go at doing these....

So now I have made 2 only 38 more to go ......ha ha ha


  1. They look good and it's a great gift idea but santa has 9 reindeers. Dasher,Dancer,Prancer,Vixen,Comet,Donner,Blitzen and of course Rudolf.

  2. I left out Cupid.

  3. They look great and I can't wait to do mine.


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