Tuesday, October 23, 2012

 Today the LM's school has a Grandparents Pink Morning tea to raise money for Breast Cancer Research.
 All kids are  encouraged to wear PINK... Now of course the LM is a boy, We don't own a "PINK" t'shirt so I had this white one and painted his name and a smiley face in PINK.The I bought a Pink bow tie from the reject shop.And my favorite is his hair.We sprayed it white then put the PINK on top he looked PINKALICIOUS......
 I also made cupcakes.The PINK heart ones are red velvet.The PINK glitter is just what it says  edible glitter.I bought the cupcake picks on line .I thought they looked cute.
LM was very excited getting dressed up even if it was YUCKY PINK -his words ha ha and we even had to find a pink ribbon for Dog Dog.
Kevin's parents are coming to the morning tea and get to see his school work and watch the Wombats-(that is classes name ) perform some songs.

If you are attending a PINK morning tea today hope you also have a wonderful  PINKALICIOUS......day.

Just a little add on....
The LM's Grandparents took these photos and said they enjoyed their visit. LM also enjoyed his cupcakes.
They said at one stage they were watching the kids sing and said "where is LM?" Well one of the teachers found him up stairs in class he had wandered off and was doing his own thing.Strange child.Must be the hair spray.ha ha .Although they did say he was happy to see Nana & Grandad come ,
Thanks for this photo and Thanks for going to the morning tea Mr & Mrs S.


  1. Love the hair Aidan. It's such a wonder cause. So glad that Nana & Grandad went. It must have made Aidans day. Love the cakes that you made Deidre.

  2. LM looked wonderful. Love the way you involve him in life's activities (ie; dress ups etc)


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