Monday, October 15, 2012

Baby Bears Birthday Party

We had a birthday party tonight for a Teddy Bear -yes you heard me correctly .

A Baby Bear's birthday party....

The LM said to us that it was his Baby Bears birthday today and could we have a party?
I thought why not everyone deserves a birthday party even a "Bear"......
Nana and Pop gave LM this little bear when he was born.It is a very loved bear and is called "BABY"..
We have had party's for some of his other toys and he gets so excited about it so  we just
go with the flow so to speak...I had the hats in the cupboard and when we went to the
shop I bought a little cupcake...
Luckily they were all good little party guest although Donald Duck did start to get a bit noisey.And Spotty girl (The yellow dog) tried to eat the cake before we lit it,,(the LM told me all this )

It doesn't take much to make a little boy happy but the smile on his face was PRICELESS....

And just in case you were wondering how old Baby bear is......49 yep...I asked LM how old Baby  was turning and he said "49 can't you tell" ..

Well I didn't think she looked a day over 5years old.What was I thinking.....

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  1. I love how Aidan loves to hold his toy animal parties, he's just so cute.


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