Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pink or Blue ?????

                                                                  Today is the day.....
Kerry is having her 20 week scan this afternoon and they are going to find out Peanuts sex..

I can't wait to see whether we are having another granddaughter or a little grandson either way I will be soooo excited .

So tonight we are going to their house for dinner where all will be revealed....

So I guess you will have to read my post tomorrow to find out what is happening.

Fingers crossed that Peanut will be a ?????  ( and what I want is between God & Me ha ha ha  )But all jokes aside as long as the baby is healthy I will be one very happy Nana.


  1. Ive spoken to you so i know the answer but i wont blow it. I just want to say CONGRATS.

  2. No matter what we will all love it to bits. xxx


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