Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The Little Man got another  haircut the other day....So what's so exciting about that you ask?

Well it's a big boy haircut....Our nephew's girlfriend has just opened  a hair salon  and has just started  doing this with clippers so I volunteered the Little Mans head and this is how it turned out...

Moosh coloured the star just to make it fancy and he loves it and so do I.He looks so grown up now.
He has always had spikes which we put gel in it but now Wacky Doo Big Boy....(yes I imagine that type of talk will embarrass him ha ha )

This is the LM after his first ever hair cut .I cut it and this was the start of our gel years.Heck we are
still in those.....He doesn't look too happy does he? But I think he is sooooo cute...This would have to be one of my favorite photos of the  LM.

Next stage was in the salon...He was so little he had to sit in Kevin's lap and ever since then it has always been a boy thing. Off they go to get they hair cut together ...Number one on the sides and spikey on top and that's for the both of them...Except Kevin doesn't wear the gel....It amazes me that LM will sit so still while they do his hair.The clippers don't worry him I think he just likes looking at himself in the mirror.... Ha Ha
So I guess this is just another growing phase that he will go through on the journey to adult hood.But I hate it my Little Boy is growing up fast right before my eyes.
Ps -the LM said the funniest thing to me today.He asked if I wanted a kiss and when I
said "yes" he said "Well pucker up Princess " You could have knocked me over with
a feather and then I saw his grin well that started me off giggling....Life is never dull here and I hope it never changes....

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