Monday, October 22, 2012

Kev got a new Tatoo

I love tattoos........... Kevin doesn't........Actually he really does not like them

So how come Kevin got a new tattoo?  Because he loves me.....awwww moosh moosh

Kev first got my name on his arm around 10years ago then a few years later he got KKMA which is our children's initials.

When the LM came along we dubbed him the "Demon Child" as he has been in the terrible two stage for the last 4 years ha ha ha.   Any way that is why the' A' tattoo has little horns and a tail.

The LM took the picture of Kev getting the tattoo and whenhe took the picture  he yelled out to Kev "Good luck Da " while waving at him tooo cute.

I asked Kev when or what will he get next????? He just looked at me  with THAT look and I knew to shut up ......he he he

And I guess that's another reason why I love him because he will do something for me even though he doesn't like it.True love.   Thanks Kevin x 

Gee I love him....Too much mush I'm going ha ha ha .


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Dee x