Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tom and Jerry

Do you remember these little guys?...

When my daughter was little this was her favorite show,I am talking about 25years ago...and it was videos ha ha

Well  I have  now gone full circle.The LM loves this show. He gets to see it for a few minutes before he goes to day care each morning and when he gets home if it's not on TV he will put a DVD on and sit down and you can hear his laughter throughout the house (love it )

How nice it is to see that a show like this can still make a child smile and laugh in different generations.
Also even though they "blow"each other and such it just doesn't seem like some of the violent cartoons that are around today.(sound Irish )
So Dear  Tom and Jerry when the LM has finished watching you and gone onto something else I just need to sit back and wait for Peanut to be old enough to watch you two and we will start the cycle again.... 


  1. Tehe! My 4.5yo daughter LOVES Tom and Jerry but she just calls it "the cat and the mouse". Classics never get old . . .

    1. Ha ha I love that Gail.LM is very fond of Jerry and you can he ar him go Jerry Go dee x

  2. Wonderful. Just like Micky Mouse & Minnie they will never age. In fact they improve with age(not like us)

    1. Hey mum what did we watch when we were little ?love deidre x

  3. Do you remember the Woody Woodpecker cartoon that was on a reel to reel tape that we used to watch.


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