Monday, October 1, 2012

Cake cupboard.

We have a cupboard that I love.

I have had it for at least 15 years...It is handmade with recycled timber and old iron on the doors.The colours are just beautiful.It's a narrow cupboard with 3 shelves.

It used to be called "the cat cupboard"   because we had our cat food stored inside. Well of course you would call it that what else could I call it ...ha ha.... Am I weird giving furniture nicknames?

Then we changed it and  put our DVDs in it but now  we have outgrown the cupboard -too many Dvd's ha ha

SO what will become of this cupboard now?

She is a beautiful cupboard isn't she...

Hello Cake cupboard.(really inventive aren't I ).

When Kev took out all the DVDs and catalogued them the other day (over 1000 dvd's) I grabbed the cupboard for me.. I used to make wedding cakes  and such and all my equipment and bits and pieces  were everywhere..Not anymore. It was real fun gathering them all together and sorting them out. I even put a few recipe books  I have to find the rest )  in there and my mixers.

So now I love my Cake cupboard...

So this is our new DVDs cupboard. This is the cupboard that Kev painted for me...Beautiful isn't he. (the cupboard I mean although Kev is quite beautiful as well ).OMG I have just realise I have given these furniture pieces a gender..ha ha ha

This cupboard is almost full as well.But I am letting everyone know now" Kevin you aren't having my cat  cake cupboard back it's mine ...."


  1. It's nice to have a cupboard for just all those sort of things.

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