Thursday, January 17, 2013

A couple of quickes....

Hi I just had to post these as I was impressed by how both turned out.

Firstly I made these little custard tarts for Kev as a surprise (actually they were part of a test run for Kerry's baby shower ha ha ).
I bought the pastry shells from Cole's were they are $5 for 12.You can get either sweet or savoury.They are great just to have in the cupboard for visitor's when you don't have time to make the pastry.

I just made a thicker custard than normal so it set quite fast.I cut a strawberry into quarters and "BOOM" quick custard and strawberry tarts.

I have to say this Kev ate them all so they must have been good.

Next I saw these little jars on the net everywhere and thought what a cute idea one day I will make one.Well yesterday was "one day"..I just got a little jar that once had jam in it and went through LM's bits and pieces and found this little kangaroo.
I glued the kangaroo onto the lid and then just spray painted the lid red."Fantastic" is how it looks .I put some little lollies in the jar and it now sits on my desk.I will give it to the LM soon but I want to make a few in different colours and sizes to put on one of his shelf's.

PS it looks like I changed the colour in the last picture but it was just the light....

These are the LM's tomatoes.We are teaching him about growing things so bought some tomatoes.They haven't done so well this year with the heat and such but yesterday LM was so excited to see these he had to pick them straight away and said "dee can make me a salad with these Do you want some Da?" how cute........small salad....

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