Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I am making another baby blanket.

Coming home from  holidays I was bored in the car so when we were leaving  Coffs Harbour I got Kev to stop at Spotlight so I could get some wool to make a baby blanket for the new gran baby ...

Well I was lucky the wool was all 30 -40% off so I did really well.

I bought  2 different types of wool....One bumpy and one with long strands  and a size  8 crotchet hook.

I had no idea how it would make up but I liked the combination and thought it should look good..

And I was right with my choices it is making up wonderfully.It is so thick it will be great for winter.

I made it 50 stitches wide  and it takes a ball of each wool to do 2 1/2 rows .Lucky I bought 10 rolls of each.

I did a bit in the car coming home but soon tired of it so I am finishing it at home.Can't wait till it is done....

This is a close up of the blanket.It is so thick.

Snow spike is a multi coloured wool with a light blue and a darker blue thread in it and the other is
Stellar which is just a long hair yarn but crocheted together looks fantastic.

What do you think?

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