Sunday, January 13, 2013

Basketball Hoop

The LM got a basket ball hoop for Christmas in 2011 it was on a stand and he used it quite a bit.The only thing wrong with it was it kept falling over and the pole kept coming out of the base so it was always laying on the grass.It got bent in the middle and as I cant stand the backyard looking messy this drove me crazy and it was about to be thrown out but this was a shame as LM did like to play hoops..

Anyway the other day when we cleaning up the yard I had a light globe moment.....BING   ....I got Kev to unscrew the backboard with the hoop and attach it to one of the pergola poles and in  doing it this way we could put it  the right height for LM now -but it can easily be moved as he grows.

LM  loves playing hoops now he is so cute to watch except we have one problem ....LM hates wearing clothes  it is so hard to get him to wear even just undies especially when he swims (that's another story ) So while I love the following photo I had to be artistic and cover his bits as he loves to played nudie hoops......

"GOOD SHOT' .....I am glad we did this with the hoop because he plays hoops even more now....

Now all I have to do is get LM to wear clothes ha ha ha

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