Sunday, January 6, 2013

Our 2nd Christmas

We went to mums in QLD for Christmas so we missed having the day with our kids so when we got home on the Monday we decided to have our "2nd Christmas" on Tuesday.Talk about pushing it.

We got home at 4.30pm by 8.30 we had unpacked had some dinner Kev went and got the groccies while I finished putting all our stuff away and did some washing Phew....

Kerry and Emmanuel,Ashley Mel and Mr & Mrs Sid came over for dinner and presents and once again a truly good night with family and friends makes me realise just how blessed I am....

The next day LM asked if we were having Christmas again today......I guess he loves it just like me ha ha

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  1. Nice to have 2 Christmas's & I guess alot of families have to. It looks like everyone enjoyed it.


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