Monday, January 14, 2013

Sneak peak

I am so excited about the LM going to school in a couple of weeks that it is driving me crazy ha ha

Tonight I thought I would try on his new school shoes with the (horrible navy socks they have to wear ) socks and OMG what a cutie........They looked big but they aren't I guess I am not used to seeing him in shoes like this ..
We got them from Athletes Feet  all I know is they cost $120 and they were on special.I am a great believer in buying good shoes for shoes that need to be worn everyday.Lets hope he doesn't grow out of these too fast....
Also tried on the school hat.As you can see LM is a poser when it comes to taking photos.

I bought this one with the school emblem on it but the school has told us that the P & C will be giving every new kindy student a hat.Pretty neat hey...So I was going to take it back but thought Yeah we will lose it and be rushing around trying to get him ready for school and wont be able to find his hat -so the hat stays.

Well that's my sneak peak.I can't bear to put his shirt and shorts on yet I want to try and wait and see the whole effect at one time.

Bring on February......Bring on first day of school.....


  1. Too adorable for words lol
    And I would keep the hat too - you never know!

  2. Very cute & his feet look so big.
    I bet that you are on count down for the start of school.

  3. Very cute , my two little boys started school in 2012 and boy did they grow up the minute they put the uniform on for my photos.


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