Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Christmas flop

After my last post where I was showing off some of the yummy things I have made over Christmas I just had to show you this.....

Aren't they just the cutest.....Little Santa Strawberry hat's.....

I bought some chocolate cups from Cole's and whipped my cream.Cut the bottom off the strawberry's and fill the cups with cream.Put the strawberry's on top and add a dot of cream for the pom pom on top.

All good,Look yum.....well that is not the end of my story....

A certain husband who shall remain anonymous  " KEVIN" sorry couldn't help myself.....put these in the car for the trip to my sisters for lunch.While he did bring everything out  of the car  a certain desert was left in the sweltering Qld sun for several hours.

It was only when we went to eat dessert we realised "hey where are the Santa hats" OMG we (no not we but he ) forgot to get them out of the car.So off he went and brought in my little flops.
"oh I was looking forward to having one of those "said my dad....

So there you go I may have success sometimes but for every couple of successes there is a flop.....ha ha ha


  1. OMG just goes to show a women has to think of everything. Leaving it to a man surely means there will be a cock up along the way.

  2. They certainly look dreadful after being in the car. We were all pretty full anyhow but they did look nice when you did them.


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