Monday, January 21, 2013

The Little Man is growing up

Today I have realized just how much the Little Man is growing up. .. grown up

I can hear muffled music and thumping coming through his bedroom's closed door.???????

Upon getting closer I realize it is some sort of music from the  Pop Hits of 2012 CD (or called something similar Kerry got him for Christmas) I can also hear well actually feel it to be more precise of a thumping kind of noise.

What is he doing in there ????

I open the door......

Music blares out almost knocking me over (well not really I just wanted to be dramatic )....

The smell of smoke is unbearable -(I know drama queen again ,gee he is only 5 )

My eyes are adjusting to the darkness (here I go again dramatic-he has the light on )......

In his arms is a girl in a short pink dress with a pink bow in hair white frilly knickers peaking out from under her dress..He is swinging her around ,laughing looking at the both of them in his mirror.He is such a peacock.

They are dancing, while  he is dancing she is hanging limp in his arms. Oh the power he has over her is over whelming for my 5 year stud.

He sees me and stops....starts to laugh drops the girl to the floor and runs over to me "what do you want Dee me and Minnie (mouse) are playing clubs and we are dancing .... so you have to get out you are too old to club" Great kid I will show you too old...

Yes friends the girl is none other than that vixen Minnie Mouse.She has taken my place ...she is his big love....the girl to take dancing whatever happened to dancing with me I mean we used to do a mean Wiggles Hot Potato dance ....

So I guess I now dance solo no giggling toddler in my arms .No he is now a big boy and he hasn't even started school yet.Yuck what changes are going to happen then.I suppose he will be too big for a kiss and cuddle goodnight or when he leaves in the morning I wonder if he will still kiss me goodbye.

Well even though it was devastating to see him in the "CLUB"  (OK OK I am being dramatic again ) it was also sooooo funny to see him dancing with Minnie and singing along with the music.Yes singing he knew the words.... I guess my little boy is growing up.....

And as for you Miss Minnie Mouse keep your skinny little arms off my boy and stop two timing poor Mickey......

Hey Kev -Kevin do you want to dance with me.....Hot potato hot potato....cold spaghetti cold spaghetti......


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  2. I can imagine what you'll be like as he gets older.
    Minnie will always be Aidans 1st love, sorry Deidre.


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