Saturday, January 19, 2013

Little Man sees Disney

The LM loves Mickey Mouse but his favorite is Minnie Mouse.I really loves her the most and watches everything she is in.He also has a couple of soft toys of Minnie and OMG does he love these or what.

Anyway last year I saw an add for a Disney show at the Sydney Entertainment centre and thought LM will love this I am going to get tickets.

Well I couldn't get a family ticket for any of the Sydney shows so I tried Newcastle YEAH we got in.

We took Annaliese who is like LM's cousin to see it with us. .The parking was great the trip up was good not really that much longer than Sydney well yeah it was longer but there wasn't the traffic to deal with .

Talk about great seats 6 rows from the front straight on...It was fantastic LM and Annaliese both loved the show.....The LM was yelling out 'Hello Minnie'.....he was just entranced  by it and then it was over till next time.

The only bad thing was the prices of somethings like  $16 for a popcorn not large but a medium one....Water was $5.50 a bottle thank goodness I brought my own for the kids but otherwise a great day was had by all I even caught Kevin bopping to some of the songs....

God that man is cute I mean he took a day off work to take 2 kids to a Disney show and then to sit through it without whingeing  Give that man a beer ha ha  or two NO KEV 2 NOT 3.....


  1. That's so sweet that he likes Minnie. :) Looks like he had fun, and he will always remember this.


  2. Glad you enjoyed it. $16 for popcorn would have to be a joke wouldn't it?

  3. Sounds like fun was had by everyone and it's something Aidan & Annaliese will always remember.


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