Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Day

We had a wonderful Christmas day.On Christmas eve LM left out his shoes for Santa to leave his present on.This is an old French tradition that I have done ever since Kerry was a little baby.So I still do it now with the LM.

So Santa left his gifts on his shoes and the LM was estacic with what he got."I really wished for these Dee" "How did Santa know I wanted these ?"

After breakfast I made a few last minute things to take to my sisters house for Christmas lunch...
It was really a great day family, good food and friends-LM spent so much time in the pool I am sure he has gills.

So later in the day we headed home all tired and full of good food and some (Kev) were full of good wine.
I love my family and thank God for everything.The only downside was this was the first time in 29years that I didn't spend Christmas with Kerry.Kerry was to come to mum,s with Emmanuel but is too pregnant to travel so it was decided she wasn't to go.Even though I talked to her a couple of times during the day I still missed her heaps but NEXT year OMG it will be the best firstly Peanut will be here and mum and John are coming down so it will be Christmas at my house.

Well Merry Christmas to Everyone hope you had a good day as I

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  1. It was a wonderful Christmas day, & yes sad that Kerry & Emanuel didn't make it up. BUT NEXT YEAR???????


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