Monday, January 7, 2013

Pretty as a flower frame...

I saw these these frames at my local scrap shop.I wont tell you the name of it because I don't like the owner as she is a rude cow (worse than me ha ha ) anyway it was designed by Manor House creations using their flowers which you can buy online from them or I bought some from EBay.But don't go to the cow shop....moo

I bought the frame and flowers and sent a pattern to my dad who cut out some more frames for me as I wanted to do a few and my father does a fantastic job of cutting for me..

Anyway I had intended to do one for mum for Christmas using her wedding photo and their 25th anniversary picture and then a recent one. As usual I kept putting it off till 2 days before we left for holidays    HELP....

So I thought just do it it wont take long and it didn't.

I painted the frame white, cut out different papers from my stash of papers , Kev printed and sized the photos then it was just a matter of arranging the flowers.Oh I forgot I also dry brushed some gesso on the flowers and leaves for something different.

This is the frame after it was painted white-Duh......

The finished frame.I also had some 3d butterfly's that matched the paper so I used a couple on the frame.

Mum hung this on the wall but you could also use an easel to display it on.I think when I make mine I will use an easel.

You can just see the gesso on the edges.I think it gives the flowers & leaves more depth.
Then after I made this one I thought I should make one for my step sister. But I was low on flowers and very low on time(this was the night before we left) so I got Kev to cut down a frame to just 4 holes and got to work with that.

I am extremely pleased how this turned out and so was can see the 3d butterfly's here better.It needed something else and I didn't know what to use so once again I raided the shop (my stash) and found this little rhinestone heart sticker and decided to use that.It works well.

I even used on both frames some pink feathers I had in my stash.I think they blended in well.

So yeah!  another  two Christmas present crafts all done....And as usual it was done at the last minute.When will I learn?..

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