Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Outside today

I love my garden.I love how everything blends into each other.Our front yard is more structured and neat but the back yard is like a jungle in some places-just the way I like it....

When we painted my birdhouses I went down into the yard to do it....I don't go  into the back yard much as it is hard for me to get down and up the stairs with my legs at the moment as there is no handrails and I am still a bit unsteady. .......

So glad I tried that day as it was good to see how things are growing.I miss pottering around in the garden and saw heaps of things that need to be done in there but today I just stood back and admired the plants.

To think that our garden is only around 6 years old and there was nothing here when we made it no trees nothing.We put the pool in and because we had so much dirt we got rid of some but Kevin and the boys put the rest of the dirt (if you could call it that it was mostly clay )around the edge of the yard to make gardens for me.We used to put a plant on the ground and just pile up the clay to keep it in place and that was it.When all the plants were in we mulched.....And then we mulched ..........and then we mulched some more.

That is the only reason we have as to how things how grown so well is the mulch.So every spring we still like to put fresh mulch on the garden to refreshen it up.

So the above photos are just a few parts of the garden that took my fancy today.Even my old church birdhouse looks great sitting on the bench near the pool.

I can't wait till I am truly better to get out there and fix it up but until then I am happy with how it looks now.

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