Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our Australia day

Happy Australia Day .....(well I am a day late )

Or as Kerry and I call it Happy Freedom Day.


It was on Australia Day that I left my husband of 18years when I discovered he was cheating with my business partner.THIS WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE......( although it took me awhile to realise it)

So now I have another wonderful husband of 10years who is the best and words cannot describe how I feel for him.

Usually Kerry and I have lunch or do something together to celebrate Freedom Day but this year with her being pregnant we had an early dinner together during the week (now its not just me and her her celebrate our day we now bring partners ) So today it was just me Kevin and the Little Man.

Day started off great  with a sleep in...Kev made breakfast while I did some housework.
LM was asleep still so we just kept his breakfast aside till he woke up.Gee it was great just me and Kev eating together no noise just us.What a way to start the day.

Kev then read the papers and then out the back to mow he back lawn.I sure he has a lawn fetish.He loves mowing it and keeping it looking great.Well I like it looking good but not like him ha ha ...

Kev went and picked up my new rugs.I  think I love them.They just look so different to what I had but I guess I will get used to them....


The colour hasn't shown correctly here.They are darker with greenish toning's.

So after putting the rugs down it was off to the hairdressers so LM can get a hair cut before school starts.

Then off we went to LM's swimming lessons where he got an award for freestyle ...Yeah told you he is a fish....

We then went to Panthers League's club where they had  an  Australia Day carnival...Lm got to ride the dodgem cars which he loves and then we went over to Aqua golf....

I didn't have a Australian day shirt to wear so on went the AC/DC one which is just as good.....

Check out LM's cheeky..

I love this picture....

LM was so serious trying to hit the ball.He did manage to get a few in good. The main thing was he loved it and asked if we could go again...

Another favorite picture.....LM said that he just watched DA and did what he did.....too cute....

When we got home Kev and LM went swimming...Oh course this involves a whole lot of Kev throwing LM in the water.The laughter that came out of that pool was magic....(sorry I had to do some editing here.LM likes to swim in the nude.....)

Then how did we finish the day-with home made hamburgers of course.They look a bit ? but they were great and everyone enjoyed theirs.While we were eating dinner we watched a family movie....
Yes ET...what a great way to end the day.LM got scared a couple of times and cried but I cried as well and I have seen it a few times.I love that it doesn't matter how many times you can see this movie it is still wonderful each time...
So on the whole we had a full yet a really good family day.Nothing amazing just a great day but isn't that the best type....
Hope your day was as good as ours...


  1. First of all Happy Freedom day to you!
    Second of all what a beautiful day you had - I felt like I was right beside you the whole time - great post!!!

  2. I love the new rugs.
    Australia day seemed a fun day for all.
    ET will always be a favourite of mine no matter how old it or I become.


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