Monday, January 28, 2013

Huggies wipes container quickie....

If you are like me and used Huggies baby wipes you would have these containers everywhere.

We don't use them very much anymore as the LM is 5 but I do have a pack in the car for accidents or whatever ( Kev is pretty messy)...I am still finding empty containers in the garage.

What can I do with these.?(chuck them)... Anyway I came up with (probably saw it somewhere  ha ha ha ) an idea to keep LM happy when we are out for a meal or just to use in the car.

I used -

-1 x  Huggies wipes empty container.
-some stickers to decorate the box from my stash.
-A small note pad.
-Small pencils.I was going to use crayons but I hate them in the cars (thats a lie I generally dont like them anytime ).
-A little pen with multi coloured ink.
- 2 AA batteries you never know when you will need these.
- A mini lollipop-for a little treat.
-an a small rubber.

I just put everything in the container and stuck some stickers on it to make it look less boring.

10 mins later all done.

Looks great .I have already (no I got Kevin to ha ha ) put it in the car so it is ready to use....It is also a good size for me to put in my bag when we go out for dinner....Just pull it out and off he goes.The only downside is "Dee how do you spell?" ' Dee how do you spell this" but I guess it's not really a downside just him learning......but heck I can whinge if I want....


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Dee x