Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mel's Cake pops.

My future daughter in law Mel emailed me on Tues to ask if I could make some cake pops for her sisters baby shower this SATURDAY  yep you read it right Saturday....

I dint want to be a bitch and say no so I emailed her back and said no problem...

Now she wanted yellow and blue cake pops Urrghhh yellow.I thought they would look yuk.But when they were finished they looked really good.

I am so slack though that I didn't start making these till last night (Thursday )and Mel needs to pick them up Friday night (get to work Dee ) .That is the part I hate- making the balls but something I will pass on to you is when rolling the balls you will get a better finish if your hands are damp and clean.So after I do a couple of balls I wash my hands and lightly dry them..Hey it works for me....
I then freeze the balls till I need them.

Just another  little tip here  from a packet of candy melts I can do around 30 pops.I already had white melts and didn't want to spend another $13 a bag for blue and yellow so I bought the chocolate powder in blue and yellow ($2.60 a tube ) and just tinted the white -PERFECT...... I don't think I will buy the coloured melts again you just have to much wastage.
Don't the colours look good together.I am still learning the ins and outs of making cake pops and I just keep trying new ideas  as I go along but I think they look great.I was suprised how good they looked when I had finished as I had a major headache and making cake pops was the futherst thing on my mind but I did them and I am glad to see them go ha ha
Best of all  Mel loved them.....So now I am a legend of a mother in law to be ha ha


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Dee x