Friday, January 25, 2013

Purple chilli plant

Yes a purple chili plant......have you ever heard of that.While in Bunnings getting my spray paint
I had to check out the plant section.Of course you have to have a look at all the wonderful plants whats a trip to the hardware store without checking out the nursery...

Anyway getting back to my story,I needed a plant to go in my wine barrel on our back deck.We have just replaced the barrels and transplanted the plants but I don't think they are going to survive,So I was looking around to see what to get when I spied this........the plant is so pretty beautiful green and white leaves with deep purple chilli's.Yes the are edible-bonus......

It is actually called Chili Purple can eat the chili's and the tag says it goes well with basil,garlic and ginger,all meats and seafood.

So even though  I don't like that taste of chilli's  I do like the look of this plant  so I guess I will be looking for some chili recipes as there is heaps on this plant and I don't want to waste them .......

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  1. It looks ok & I love the purple color. Let me know when you try the chilli.


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