Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chicken wrapped in Prosciuto with prawns

Now when we were talking about New Years Resolutions one of the things I said I wanted to do and was on my "list" was to try different types of meals for dinner.

Well tonight I made my effort and the results were YUM .....

I made chicken wrapped in prosciuto with peach and rocket salad  with prawns.What a mouthful but gee it was a yummy mouthful ha ha ha

Firstly I wrapped a chicken breast in prosciuto  using a tooth pick to keep in place.Then cooked it in a fry pan for a couple of minutes each side transferring to a oven proof dish and cooking in oven till cooked.Meanwhile I washed some baby spinach,peeled and cut up a  couple of peaches  and put on the plate.Now this is all the recipe did but I thought it needed something else the plate didn't look like a full meal....So I had some green prawns which I was going to use the next night  so I put some oil and crushed garlic in a frying pan added the prawns.The smell was amazing.

It was just what it needed to finish this dish off.Kev loved it.LM said the prawns were yuck and just ate the chicken and 'bacon 'thats what he calls proscutio...I thought it was going to be weird having chicken with spinach and peaches but actually it was really nice...

I am just glad I am taking note of my to do list and not ignorning it ha ha ha ..Kev said "we will see how longs this lasts"

I said "hope you choke on your chicken "

I will be making this again...hope you give it a try as well.

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  1. It looks yummy, I've yet to try the peaches in a salad. Mango is always nice for a change. I don't like mangos but in a salad they are nice.
    Try it.


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