Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bird houses

I love birdhouses.I have them everywhere.

I don't like real birds ,but strangethat I am  I do like bird houses.

Any way while in QLD I went into one shop and was checking out all the beautiful home wares
when I spied a display with bird houses.So over I went.

They were beautiful instead of being the normal black or cream that is everywhere these ones
were bright blue,bright green,orange and hot pink Oh there was also yellow.

OMG.... I fell in love with them.  I just didn't know what colour or where to put them when I got them home but then I checked out the price YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME $49.95,yep you heard me right.

Now I really liked these but I am not stupid so I walked away.

Well I kept thinking about them and oh maybe I should have just bought them But no I did the right thing.I am not going to pay $100 for 2 birdhouses.

Yesterday I walked into the Reject shop and they  had some birdhouses on display  "LIGHT BULB MOMENT" the large one was $15 and the small $10.So I bought both.

Then I went to Bunnings.Oh what colour to do them ? at first I thought orange and checked out the spray paints yes orange it will be,but when the man served me I had changed my mind to bright green.Well the look Kev gave me when he saw the green paint was priceless "nice shade of orange" he said...Yeah well when I thought about it as much as I liked the orange I thought it may be a bit in my face for me where as the green will blend in with the plants etc.....

So off I went -one happy camper with my cheapo birdhouses and my green paint......

When I got home I started painting the houses ,Kev was watching me so I just handed him the can to finish.I think he thinks I can't do things sometimes IT drives me  crazy but  today I just went with the flow.

The colour was better than what I thought .   I love where I have hung them on my back deck I just want to get a couple of large candles or maybe a fern to go inside them as I feel they look empty at the moment.

Otherwise I love them love them and will do some more.I think next time I will get me the orange paint or maybe the yellow  ha ha ha

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  1. It's a lovely shade of green, but then I love green. They would also have looked nice in the orange.


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