Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Little fish

I have said it before that the LM is part fish we are sure he has gills.........

Well now we have more proof......

When in QLD my brother-in-law Ross took some photos of the LM swimming in their pool with an underwater camera.

They have turned out great.... I want to buy an underwater camera now to get more shots like this.

Isn't this photo great?????  But I love the next one better.....

I think I will get this put on a canvas.It just looks surreal....

Oh since we are talking about the LM I have to tell you what happened today.

I was on the phone talking to my mum and I could hear LM chatting away to him self (well so I thought ) so when I finished with mum I said "who are you talking to " "No one just myself " OK I thought no problem he does that.....

Next thing the home phone rings It's the Police Emergency call centre -Yep you heard right. Apparently the LM called 000 to have a chat.

He has a old mobile that Emmanuel gave him -( it has no Sim card ) and he rang from that. I was really apologetic to  the lady who called to see if all was OK meanwhile LM came in saying "I'm sorry I'm sorry ) I got him to apologize to the lady who told him if we have an emergency he can call back then......She said I should be proud (proud I will strangle him ha ha ) as he said his full name gave her our home address and our home phone number....( I am glad he knew all that but...)

After thanking her LM and I had a big big talk about when to call 000.......

Not more than 20 minutes later  he was eating something in the lounge room and spilled some milk  "OH NO LOOK WHAT I DID I HAVE TO CALL 000 IT'S AN EMERGENCY""

Back to having another little  big talk with him....

Like I have said before "life is never dull around here"


  1. That picture just freezes time! What a go-getter. His eyes are even open!

    And, no, life is never dull with little ones.


  2. Think of it as a not so dry run. Agree the shots are great.

  3. I love the underwater shots of Aidan. So sure of himself.


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