Friday, January 18, 2013

5 years of Books.

For the past 5 years I have made a book every year on the Little Man's  life.It has no one else in the photos just him.

I put the school photos from day care in it ,birthday,Santa,you know what I mean just my favorite pictures from the year.

I was late doing 2011 due to being sick but finally got it done late last year so this year I was prepared and as soon I finished Christmas bang!! I did the book for 2012.

Just picked them up  today and they are fantastic...I order 1 for me (of course ) and another for my mum ,Kerry, Lisa (his godmother) Deb (my step sister ) .I have done that for the last 5 years so we all have a set.

It was good today as the LM and I sat down and went through the books and talked about different pictures.He has grown so much but you don't realise it till you look at all the older photos.

I don't do much writing in the books but this year I did..... I wrote what the LM's favorite colour ,movie, and food was (gee that was an eye opener)ha ha and a few other bits.

 I also scanned the writing of his name and put that in.

This will be the last of this type of book I make. I have  a similar book idea I want to do for this year as it is his first year of school and I am also doing a 365 book online.

All these book were done via Big W which I think is probably the best of those out there doing the books.
I wouldn't touch Snapfish again if you paid me and with  Target books the software is not user friendly.The ultimate book makers are Memento but they are quite expensive.I know you get what you pay for but just to do a everyday book it's too much.

I did our wedding book and 2 others using Memento and I love them.  Anyway if you are going to do a book I would recommend BigW... these books are usually $20 each but I wait till they put them on sale (which is quite often ) and then I get them for $10 each which is great when you are buying  a few.

The best thing is they only take around a week to process which is also a bonus.I won't kid you though I have had trouble with some of my orders but they always fix it no problem so I am happy and will continue to use them.

It's just a nice way to display your photos instead of a photo album where they get lost (or people take the picture saying they will give it back .....sure you will ).We have quite a collection now and I imagine that it will just continue to grow......

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  1. Every book has been wonderful to look thru & enjoy. It always brings back happy memories.


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