Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ruffle bags

For Christmas I decided to make some ruffle tote bags for family and friends that I had seen aound on the net..

I had seen heaps of them on Pinterest and thought hey I can make those.

So I got my bags from eBay I think they were  7 for $15 +postage.
Got some yummy material and got to work.

The thing with sewing and me is I don't pin and I don't like to measure (my downfall I guess I just go by eye which most of the time it turns out OK.) And I really hate instructions -did I say I sew doesn't sound like it ha ha

The only thing was I didn't know how to make the flowers so I looked up some tutorials and then made them my own way....

Kev said "why bother looking how to make them then going your own way? what a waste of time...."
I just looked at him and said "you don't understand you are such a man"

All I did for the flowers was take a piece of material ,fold in half,do a running stitch (do you still call it that ?) then pull it all up and wind it around so it looks like a flower and get your needle and thread and sew it through one side to the other till you are happy with it.
On some I put a button on some I didn't...I am going to put a little felt circle on the back of some and then a brooch back to make brooches.....
I used a pencil to mark where I wanted my ruffles (first time for everything ) to go and sewed the ruffles  on.  The bottom one first through to the top ...I even used pins something I don't normally do ha ha ha...Then I attached my flower on by hand stitching....
So there you have it my ruffle bags.Not bad for a rush job .They will get better as I go along especially if I don't rush them...Sorry the pictures aren't that great  but you get the idea...
Dee x

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